How should you customize the lobby of your quick-change oil system?

How should you customize the lobby of your quick-change oil system?

Suppose you have a quick oil change business or are trying to figure out how to set up your lobby, now the most modern companies of this type have a counter, WiFi and a large screen TV so that customers can see, as well as a sofa, chairs, a table and a shelf for magazines, not too different from maybe a hairdresser, but what if you want to do something different, something new? Let’s discuss this for a moment.

You see, women with a quick understanding are an essential part of the business and, in general, spend more than men on additional services, especially in the offers offered by the author of the service. Women also have different tastes, so if you sell them to men, you can lose a great opportunity. What if you have works by local artisans? You may think that this does not apply to the oil change quick lube hendersonville nc, but this does not mean that these products do not sell well. Besides, they change, so every time he visits the next oil chain, new works of art appear.

Most would agree that people who want to deal with waiting at a barbershop, a place of an oil change or other similar services to sit and wait are television, Internet access, and the like. But what if you have a couple of small desktop computers? Have you ever been to Starbucks and see all the people there with their laptops? You can install small jobs, for example, in a popular hotel.

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Should I sell trinkets like they do in the car wash lobby?

You can, and yes, there is a right margin in “Chinese garbage,” as I call it. Cell phones, hands-free, for example, cigarette lighter chargers. One of our car washes had a playroom for children, small but ideal for parents to watch over their children, and this gave mothers more time to make their emails and rest. He also kept his purchases in the lobby for gift cards and the like.


There are reasons why the industry found comfort in doing all this in an “approved” way for many years. No, I also care, but it works, and this is one of the ways to do it.