Use Marijuana for medical purposes

Use Marijuana for medical purposes

Most of the people know that marijuana is the drug and has been banned in many countries for all the purposes for medical or other purposes. But it can be used to cure some diseases if used within the limit. For this legal use of marijuana patients has to undergo a process and get certification and then buy the allowed quantity of the marijuana only for medical purpose. They can buy the same from the available marijuana dispensary Chicago. But before that they must understand the procedure involved.

Procedure to buy marijuana legally

The term medical marijuana refers to unprocessed marijuana or the extract taken from it used for treating a disease or symptom. However FA has not approved marijuana plant as medicine but further studies and research has lead to approval of medication that can contain chemicals in pill form.

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Patients who want to get the medical marijuana need to first register in the website. In the website patients has to provide the email id through which they can be contacted along with any government approved identity proof. During the registration, doctor of the patient should fill in the physician certification form stating patient is eligible for the medical marijuana. Once the physician filled that, patient can proceed further and complete the registration by paying $10 as the registration fee and it is valid for the next 90 days. Once approved, patient will get the confirmation mail from the state with the patient information and barcode.

With the form they can walk in to the dispensary and purchase the allowed quantity of marijuana. Every patient is allowed to buy 2.5 ounces of marijuana for every 14 days. Once the 90 days cycle is completed, they need to get the certification again and pay the $10 fees for the registration for the next 90 days. One should not use the medical certificate as the mean to use the marijuana for the purposes other than treating the diseases. One should not take more quantity than what is prescribed to take and also should not be consumed in any public place.

Do remember that taking more quantity than prescribed may cause side effects and if you notice any different symptoms you should stop taking the same and contact your physician immediately without the delay. Before starting to consume, you can clarify all your doubts with your physician. It is better to be preventive.