Develop A Historic Cities Travel Venture

Traditionally we have listed metropolitan areas that are believed to have significantly influenced world economy, culture, society and politics.  This list usually includes cities like Paris, London, New York City, Rome and Athens.  There are other great cities that are in that list of places that have affected the world at large.  All of them are cities that one can reach using a Groupon promo code to fly by Emirates Airlines.  Their list of destinations includes these centers of communication along with other historical focal points of human activity.  They include places like Dubai, Shanghai, Tokyo, Lagos, Mumbai and Cairo.  And one might note that several of these historic urban locales are along the famous Silk Road that first linked the Far East to the Western Hemisphere.

Emirates Airlines

A student of history might plot a tour of the world’s great urban centers by selecting those cities of note to visit.  Making such a tour could be achieved using the services provided by Emirates Airlines.  Emirates offers flight connections to every city on the list above, as well as to other locales of historic interest.  One can depart from New York City to visit European centers like London and Paris.  From either, one can head to Rome to see its cultural and historical sights before continuing to Accra or Lagos to visit historic West Africa.  Turning east a traveler can see the Valley of the Kings and the Great Pyramids at Cairo before visiting Dubai and its attractions.  Advancing from Dubai can take you on a 21st century “Silk Road” trek, from Dubai to Mumbai – the political and industrial heart of India.  And from there to Kolkata, and thence to Phnom Penh, Zhengzhou or Hong Kong to see places where “East met West” and where China exported its influence upon the world.  And of course, from there we could head to Osaka or Tokyo where the influence of the East headed forth across to Oceania and the realm of the Pacific.

This journey follows the journey of mankind from its earliest recorded days in Africa and Egypt to current 21st century existing around the globe.  And it gives you an opportunity to see the regions that have impacted our world.  Take advantage of your Groupon to schedule your first hop on this global trip using Emirates Airlines as your magic carpet to see various facets of mankind’s history on this planet.

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