Teeth Cleaning: How it Works? 

Teeth Cleaning: How it Works? 

 A lot of people don’t like having their teeth clean. People find it uncomfortable visiting the dentist and endure torture; the discomfort of having your jaw open for the whole ordeal and the risk at choking at your saliva or that water.

It’s difficult enough to sit there and wait for what’s about to happen. What else could there be more in teeth cleaning? Well, knowing what you’re in for could ultimately relieve your stress. Here’s how teeth cleaning works.

Physical Exam 

Notice that your dentist will check on your teeth first before doing anything else? He or she will use a tiny mirror while checking your oral health under a light. It is a physical exam which the dentist will be able to see the rate of your oral health and hygiene. In this way, the dentist can see whether you have significant problems or you need cleaning.

Plaque and tartar removal. 

To remove plaque and tartar, the dentist will use a scaler. It’s the pointy thing that you feel poking around the line of your gums and in between your teeth. The process takes much longer if there’s a lot of tartar build-up.

Note: Brush and floss more often to avoid plaque and tartar.

Electric brush cleaning. 


Once the tartar and plaque removed, the dentist will then brush the teeth using a high-powered electric toothbrush for deep cleaning. You usually hear grinding noise when this happens. This brush cleaning will remove all excess tartar left by the scaler.

Note: Dentists use a toothpaste of different flavours that helps with the cleaning. This treatment is safe to do twice in a year.

Flossing and rinsing 

A dentist will expertly floss in between your teeth for extra measure. Then the rinsing will come next to get all remaining debris from your mouth.

Fluoride Treatment 

The finale of the cleaning is giving you a fluoride treatment. The dentist will start to apply a foamy gel, like a sticky paste flavoured mint, into a mouthpiece and then fitted on your mouth. The gel will serve as a protective barrier for your teeth for several months.

You should always make sure to keep tabs on your oral health before and after your visit to the dentist. It will prevent any underlying problems that may occur if you don’t practice proper dental hygiene.


There are several dentists around your area if you’re not satisfied with yours or you can check out dental cleanings Tacoma for other locations. In there, you will see options that best fits your dental needs.

Remember: Brush properly and floss all the time. It will help you prevent anything from getting stuck in between your teeth or your gums.