Things to Remember When You Think of Window Replacement

Things to Remember When You Think of Window Replacement

Many Americans are looking to repair their homes due to damage caused by disasters, extreme weather, and aging. One project you may be considering is replacing your windows. This can be a big undertaking with decisions that need to be carefully made on the type of materials required and how many window panes will work best for your home.

What to Consider


Windows are heavy. While it may not be as difficult to move multiple window units at once as it is to move a single unit, the weight of windows can still be a lot to ask of your home. Weighing the options before you make any decisions on your windows will help you decide what type of window is most important for your home’s needs.

Glass Weight and Thickness

The actual thickness of the glass used for most types of windows will determine the overall weight of your window unit. The material used as the main component of the glass, however, will also have a major impact on the strength and durability of your windows. While you may expect that glass would be considered a durable and strong material, there are actually many different types of glass with different durability levels.

Where You Live

Climate plays a major role in the overall durability and life of your windows. If you live in an area that is prone to extreme weather conditions, make sure you find a window that will withstand any storms that may come its way.

The Design and Style of Your Home

The overall look and design of your home will have a major influence on the type of window replacement bloomington in you choose. If you are working with an older home, your windows may need to incorporate more support beams to ensure that the structure is not compromised by the weight of new windows. If you have a newer home, your window replacement process may be simpler than with older homes.

Window Materials

The three most common materials used for window replacements are vinyl, wood, and metal. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages to consider. Wood is still considered one of the most durable options for window replacements. While it may not be as sturdy and long lasting as metal, wood windows can withstand extreme weather conditions better than vinyl. Metal is a very strong material that can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions without fail.